For Honor

For Honor Game Alpha Trailer: New Weapons, Skills & Gameplay Revealed

While game trailers frequently show developers playing through the title, Ubisoft takes an extra turn for For Honor. This time, a new trailer showcases the best moments from the alpha test from players themselves.

A lot of players consider the For Honor alpha a stunning success. Ubisoft promised to take to heart the various concerns and points raised by players. For Honor remains to be one of the most highly-anticipated games of the year, and Ubisoft didn’t fail to deliver.

It can be remembered that the alpha test brought players to an immense battleground where they can experience a multitude of combat experiences. They can have duels, brawls (2 on 2) and dominion (4 on 4) matches.

And while Ubisoft already released a rundown of statistics for the recent test, Ubisoft’s new trailer is a fun way to see the game in a new light.

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For Honor: Honorable Battle Royale

According to the video, Mr. Pope and Space Elephant said this alpha test was the “longest” in Ubisoft history. The clips shown in the video also credited the users who submitted them.

Much of the moments included epic combat sequences, while others added a bit of humor to the game. An entry titled Conquerors Cut Loose had two combatants dancing after taking down their opponents.

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While the alpha didn’t feature all of the classes in the game, the alpha test received critical acclaim from players. A lot of players spent at least a whopping 10 hours just levelling up and trying the game’s assorted features.

For Honor has players take on the role of three warriors from three factions. The enigmatic order of Knights have players take on the iron-clad fighters of Europe. The fierce Vikings from the North, with their battlecries and fierce blunt weaponry, will try to reclaim their land. Finally, the Samurai from the East will try to establish a new empire after being banished from their land.

Players can use an assortment of battle styles with each class. However, players have fun the most using the game’s intricate rock-paper-scissors attack and defense mechanics.

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