World War 3 News 2016: Philippines Joins WW3 vs USA; President Duterte Wants US Troops Out

World War 3 News 2016: Philippines Joins WW3 vs USA; President Duterte Wants US Troops Out

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The latest World War 3 News 2016 updates have highlighted a statement made by Rodrigo Duterte. The Philippine President has firmly stated that he wants all foreign troops to depart. Duterte added that he wants all troops out by the next two years.

As per the latest World War 3 News 2016 updates, Duterte was firm that “I want them out.” He also talked of being open towards abrogating or revising any agreements for this purpose. He also issued a warning that he would never turn into a “doormat” in the global power game, according to CNN.

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While addressing captains of industry in Tokyo, Duterte assured allies and neighboring countries about the state visit being linked to trade only. Japanese-Filipino ties also came in for praise from Duterte. He also expressed his support towards the fight against drugs and other issues.

World War 3 News 2016 updates also had Duterte talking about his visit to China. He assured everyone that it was only “economics” that was discussed. There was no talk of “stationing of troops,” according to him. There was also no talk of “alliances, military or otherwise”.

The Controversial Statement on America

Duterte talked of how America wants him to be “a dog barking for the crumbs of their favor”. Japan was labeled a friend who was “closer than a brother.” Philippines will now back Japan on resolution of South China Sea disputes and other issues.

Duterte’s comments came as part of a joint statement with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. This is being perceived as a major reassurance to Japan which is a powerful alloy to the United States. Duterte renewed his grudges against the United States in this speech.

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He had earlier announced the end of the relationship with the United States by stating that “America has lost”. Both countries, however, have stated that all treaties and agreements will continue to be honored. However, White House spokespersons did state that these statements were fueling a little uncertainty.

It remains to be seen how Duterte’s statements and opinions manifest themselves in relations with the United States.


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