Titanfall 2 Review: WATCH Xbox One vs PS4 Gameplay Comparison Here

Titanfall 2 Review: WATCH Xbox One vs PS4 Gameplay Comparison Here

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Any Titanfall 2 review may tell fans that the biggest asset of the game is not its titan-pilot action, but its intense customization. The game takes a distant turn from its pure-multiplayer predecessor, and now Titanfall 2 is here to take home the gold.

However, console players may ask – which would any Titanfall 2 review recommend? Should I get the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One version?

A Game Reactor video offers a side-by-side comparison of the two consoles. Interestingly, the decision is hard given that Titanfall 2 does offer a 60FPS option for players.

However, it seems the Xbox One version is a bid fidgety. According to Respawn’s Drew McCoy, the PlayStation 4 can retain the 60FPS with high rsolution shadows, resolutions and particle counts.

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Players may admire the sheer introduction of new features to Titanfall 2. A Titanfall 2 review can easily say that the single-player premise of the game is a delightful addition to a philosophical mix the title offers. The single-player offers a new stance towards artificial intelligence and robotics.

Meanwhile, the multiplayer’s customizaton options can easily make any multiplayer experience unique to every player.

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Titanfall 2 Review: More Free Stuff!

Players will notice that one of the biggest changes in a Titanfall 2 review is the absence of DLCs and season pass. It’s not because Titanfall 2 doesn’t have them, but it’s because they’re free.

And boy, what a shade did they throw towards other games.

That’s right. A Respawn blog post also reveals that all multiplayer maps and new modes in any Titanfall 2 review will be available for free.

Players who pre-ordered the game will be getting the new multiplayer map Angel City three days earlier. This is very opposite the tactics of Battlefield 1, with a pricey $49.99 Premium Pass.

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