NBA Lakers Rumors,  News: Jordan Clarkson Stats Inspiration is Kendall Jenner
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NBA Lakers Rumors, News: Jordan Clarkson Stats Inspiration is Kendall Jenner

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NBA Lakers News updates have come in about Jordan Clarkson’s match winning performance against the Houston Rockets. However, rumors are abuzz about Kendall Jenner’s presence at the game along with her buddy, Karlie Kloss. The 20 year old is rumored to be dating Clarkson and it looks like her presence certainly inspired him!

NBA Lakers news mills are buzzing with the possibilities of a hot and heavy affair between Jenner and Clarkson. The October 26th game saw Jenner cheering her rumored beau all throughout. Clarkson did not disappoint with the highest score in the first win.

Why Jenner’s Presence Meant A Lot

NBA Lakes news reports stated that Jenner wore a casual Lakers t-shirt with jeans. Her hair was neatly done in braided pigtails while she also sported a bold red lip. Jenner’s presence means a lot since she obviously gave Kanye West’s Inglewood show a miss.

The Hollywood Life reports that this indicates Jenner’s obvious affection and interest in Clarkson. On the previous night, Jenner was spotted with Jordan. However, they ensured that they were not photographed in the same frame.

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It is pretty clear that the two stars are spending more time together. They have already been linked for several months now. They were also seen at a dinner with Caitlyn Jenner who is Kendall’s father.

This was one of the VMA nights this August. However, things did appear to be a little strained earlier since Kendall was spotted with A$AP Rocky for some time. Fans are already pretty intrigued by this rumored romance!

Kendall Jenner has a thriving modeling career and other professional commitments. According to reports, she is not into full time commitment at the moment. However, Jenner is also known for being incredibly secretive about her personal life.

Is she really in a relationship with Jordan Clarkson? Is it just friendship? Is it only a casual affair? Time will only tell!


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