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MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees Miguel Cabrera Trade in the Works Before Deadline

MLB Trade Rumors are flowing thick and fast about Miguel Cabrera being possibly traded by Detroit Tigers. The New York Yankees are reportedly interested and this has given rise to a lot of speculation. This trade can take place prior to the deadline as per sources.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Detroit Tigers have had a very disappointing season and are not pleased with their current team. Since the offseason is approaching, they might listen to all offers for players on their present roster. Trading Miguel Cabrera is also a major possibility in this regard.

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Fansided has also confirmed the Tigers’ willingness to consider trade offers for almost all players. These include the likes of Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, and Justin Verlander among others. Miguel Cabrera will garner inquiries not just from the New York Yankees but several other teams in the league.

Why the Yankees Match Up Best?

However, the New York Yankees have benefited from their farm system. The Yankees also have several young players in minor leagues that can be released. However, it might well be worth it for landing Miguel Cabrera.

Cabrera has widely been considered as one of the most iconic hitters of his generation according to MLB Trade Rumors. He has been improving with the passage of time and could bring value to the Yankees. The New York Yankees will reportedly be seeking a long-term deal with Cabrera.

They will have to let go of several promising young athletes. However, Cabrera’s tally of 38 home runs and 108 RBIs this season could tilt the balance in his favor. Focusing more on hitting will benefit both Cabrera and the Yankees.

Cabrera’s contract which stands at a whopping $240 million may, however, be a deterrent for the New York Yankees. His $30 million annual payout also renders luxury tax avoidance impossible. The Yankees, however, may finally opt for Cabrera since they badly need a star player in their lineup.

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