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Mike Pence Dead Rumors: Plane Crash Reportedly Planned to Delay US Elections 2016

Is Mike Pence really dead? Rumors are swirling around thick and fast after Thursday evening’s incident. A plane with the vice presidential Republican candidate in it slid off the runway in New York City last evening.

There are theories of how Mike Pence is actually dead and how this crash is planned to delay US elections. According to Fox News, this accident happened while landing at the LaGuardia Airport yesterday evening. The Boeing 737 aircraft tore up two concrete tracks before resting on grass.

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What Really Happened? 

Mike Pence is rumored to be dead since there has been no official confirmation regarding any injuries or other mishaps. However, other versions state that Pence is fine and everyone on the plane has escaped unhurt. The Federal Aviation Administration has stated that a “crushable concrete runway safety technology called an Engineered Material Arresting System stopped the plane.”

According to sources, there was a burning smell that was noticed for the plane and this became pretty obvious at one point. This seemed like rubber and the plane was sliding for the entire landing distance. Even Mike Pence stated that he glimpsed mud on the windows at the front. This happened when Pence came to check the passengers onboard at the rear of the aircraft.

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Having missed his fundraiser in New York City, Pence was heading to a hotel. It remains to be seen whether Pence gets on the campaign trail today. This will help dispel rumors of his death or other serious injuries. Other sources claim that Donald Trump reached out to Pence and confirmed that everyone on the plane was absolutely safe and sound.

The Huffington Post confirmed that New York City emergency management authorities had closed the airport around 8 pm. The airport opened approximately an hour later but this was solely for limited air traffic.

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