GTA 5 Online Halloween DLC

GTA 5 Online Halloween DLC: Everything You Need to Know!

GTA 5 Online players receive an early treat this Halloween as Rockstar rolls out some fitting seasonal DLC.

Announced on their official news page, Rockstar is treating their players with a terrifying new LCC Sanctus motorcycle, a new Adversary Mode between the forces of Good and Evil,  as well as some other goodies to celebrate three years worth of content for GTA Online.

Halloween Treats for Everyone

This Friday, October 28, players will be able to purchase the new LCC Sanctus motorcycle shown in the picture above. With its skeleton motif and glowing red eyes, it’s sure to strike fear into your victim’s heart as you run them down.

Alongside the new bike comes a new Adversary Mode that recreates the timeless battle between Heaven and Hell. The new Lost vs Damned mode has the player fighting as either a Devil or an Angel as they clash with the other to see which side will emerge victorious.

To further complicate things, the battlefield will have a day/night cycle that changes every 60 seconds. The night will assist the Devils while the day supports the Angels giving increased Armor, Health, and better Weapons to the boosted side.

Classic GTA Online Haloween items and vehicles from previous years will be returning as well to top off this season’s goodie bag.

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Celebrating Three Years of GTA 5 Online

But that’s not all Rockstar is giving their loyal fans.

To celebrate three years worth of content for GTA Online, Rockstar is rewarding anyone that logs in to their account from today until October 31 with a gift of GTA$250,000.

To help you spend that free money, Rockstar is also offering 30% off a bunch of fan-favorite weapons and vehicles from previous updates. Items range all the way from the very first update Beach Bum from 2013, to the latest update Bikers which just came out earlier this month. These discounts are available now all the way through November 7.

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