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Final Fantasy 15 Movie Trailer ‘Omen’ & DLC Revealed! Comrades Pack adds Online Co-Op

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise are more than excited to get a hold of Final Fantasy 15. The latest sequel to the series will bring players to a more modern iteration of the game’s universe.

However, Final Fantasy 15 will bring more than just a familiar world to fans. It seems Square Enix has a lot more surprises now that the game has gone gold.

Final Fantasy 15 DLC director Haruyoshi Sawatari told IGN that the newest DLC pack for the game will be a cooperative multiplayer pack. This culminates the features of the other DLC packs to be released.

Players will previously remember that the game will feature DLCs including a holiday set and expansion Episodes. These will contain snippets about the lives of each non-playable character of the game’s party. It can be recalled that protagonist Noctis has three friends that will accompany him in his journey.

The Comrades multiplayer pack will allow players to journey through the game in an immersive 4-player experience. It is unclear yet if the DLC will take place in the main game.

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Final Fantasy 15: More Stories to Come

Sawatari said that while the DLCs will be closely related to Final Fantasy 15, the stories could only “really do within DLC.” This might imply that the Final Fantasy 15 DLCs will occur in a separate iteration of the main game. Perhaps players will now have a choice to play the game solo or multiplayer.

Sawatari also said that the timeline of the episodes has not been set either. However, they will feature new places to explore. They will probably be related to each of the comrades, namely Prompto, Ignis and Gladio.

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Interestingly, this makes Final Fantasy 15 the first numbered game to feature online multiplayer. Players can remember that only Final Fantasy 11 and Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 15 will have a November 29 release for all major consoles. Fans will remember the highly-acclaimed game for having 10-years of development.

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