Halloween 2016 Prank

Best Halloween 2016 Prank Ideas: Killer Clowns, Purge Night & More!

If you are looking for a killer Halloween 2016 prank, this is the right place to be! You will find several inspiring and creative pranks. These can be tried out on friends and family members for double the fun!

Halloween 2016 pranks are set to be bigger and better! You can now take inspiration from some of the most fascinating yet scary pranks of all time! There are literally tons of ideas out there that you can check out.

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It does not need huge preparations or tons of effort to plan out the perfect Halloween 2016 Prank. All you need is some inspiration and the right equipment. Here are some of the top prank ideas for Halloween that you definitely need to check out.

Some of the Best Pranks Ever

You can always opt for the SAW inspired bathroom prank and you will find several ideas on Pinterest for the same. This entails leaving a grisly message on a napkin in the bathroom with a character drawn on it. You can have messages like “Let’s Play The Game” or similar ones that scare your family members with elan!

You can also carry out the roach prank which is quite popular during Halloween. This entails putting plastic cockroaches all over the bed. Whenever someone comes in, he/she will definitely jump at the sight!

Go for something more elaborate, i.e. attaching a ghost mask to the car seat. From the outside, this will seem like your seemingly locked car has a supernatural passenger! This prank works best when it comes to frightening the entire neighborhood.


You can use hair extensions to attach creepy hair to the bathroom or bedroom ceiling which will startle anyone instantly!

Plastic spiders placed in little crevices on computer keyboards or other shelves make for a great way to frighten near and dear ones.

Try also to print a laminated photo of your face and put the same in a pickle jar with some covering around it. This will elicit screams without a doubt!

You can also put bloody messages in lipstick on mirrors in bedrooms or bathrooms. These are also nice shockers for friends and family members.

Finally, you can also leave a scary doll in unexpected places like the kitchen counter or at the corner of the washing machine as a neat prank!

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