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WWE News: Paul Heyman Apologizes for Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg Promo

In the latest WWE News, Paul Heyman has apologized for his recent promo. The promo came out on this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw. Heyman himself admitted that he was not quite at his best this time.

The latest WWE News updates have shocked fans to say the least. Paul Heyman is known to be the master of promos. He is known to have honed his skills from Dusty Rhodes as well. However, Heyman was forced to apologize for his poor recent promo.

Heyman highlighted an article which labeled him as an individual who really defines the art that goes into promos. Thereafter, he confessed that his Monday promo was exactly opposite to the same. He also thanked a fan who expressed his belief in Heyman still being the best.

What Really Happened?

WWE News updates have revealed that the entire Monday promo fell flat on its face. Heyman and Brock Lesnar were supposed to come out. The purpose was to get the crowd to chant in favor of Goldberg. The fans had signs supporting the departed Mr. Perfect’s son Curtis Axel. Axel also showed how the signs were confiscated by WWE on Twitter.

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Paul Heyman could not get the crowd to cheer for Goldberg and against Brock Lesnar. Goldberg sucks was the common refrain heard from fans which took both Lesnar and Heyman by surprise. According to Inquisitr, fans did not play along with Heyman at all.

This also led to Vince McMahon losing his cool while he was backstage. Heyman was originally supposed to get the chants coming and announce the Survivor Series fight. The fight between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar was supposed to be a huge draw of sorts.

McMahon started Brock Lesnar’s signature music for ending this segment before Heyman could get to the announcement. WWE has also seemingly edited all online footage to cut out the lack of support from fans for this promo. The anti-Goldberg chants have mostly been removed as well.

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