World War 3 News 2016

World War 3 News 2016: Russia vs UK as Troops Deployed at Europe Border

In the latest World War 3 News 2016, the UK has sent troops, drones and tanks to the Russian border. This has created apprehensions of a direct conflict between the UK and Russia. There are prevailing fears of prolonged nuclear war all over the world.

World War 3 News 2016 has revealed that the UK has deployed 800 troops to the Russian border along with drones and tanks. Lithuania has purchased anti-aircraft missiles as well. NATO has also placed itself on a war footing of sorts when it comes to Russia.

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This is the biggest troop deployment on the Russian border ever since the Cold War. UK’s deployment comes amidst fear of Russian attacks. Every nation will be deploying troops to check Russian aggression.

Vladimir Putin has sparked fears of allegedly plotting an invasion of Baltic states which severed ties with Russia in the 1990s. Russia’s snatching of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 was a watershed point. This spurred Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Lithuania to boost their armed forces.

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World War News 2016 has revealed that this deployment comes on the back of 8 Russian vessels heading down the North Sea. These vessels are led by an aircraft carrier and will pass through the Dover Straits en route to their mission. The mission is located off the Syrian coast as per reports.

Other Major Developments

Michael Fallon, UK Defence Secretary confirmed a full sized battalion supported by Danish and French companies. He talked of Britain stepping up with regard to NATO in spite of its impending exit from the European Union. He added that RAF Typhoon jets will be deployed from an airbase in Romania in 2017.

This will offer reassurance for the whole region including Bulgaria, Black Sea, Romania and Turkey according to him. Canada will also deploy its troops to Latvia while Germany will do the same in case of Lithuania. The US will be deploying troops to Poland where an anti missile shield is kept, according to the Sun.

This is what has sparked Putin’s belief that it will shoot down Russian nukes. He has already threatened to destroy this shield once it becomes fully operational. Russia moved Iskander-M missiles three weeks earlier into the Kaliningrad enclave which borders Poland.

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