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Blood Sucking Creature Attacks Teenagers in Australia; Speculated to be Attacked by Vampires

Are Vampires Real? This question seems to be haunting many after the sudden attacks on Australian teenagers recently. An unidentified and blood sucking creature went after these kids in a cemetery according to Inquisitr.

People are now asking the million dollar question- Are vampires real? A group of Australian teenagers was attacked while rambling around in a cemetery. The cemetery is located at Westbury in Tasmania. The entire incident has been video recorded and also posted on YouTube.

What Really Happened?

What is this blood sucking creature? The first video has one of the teens being suddenly attacked by a blood sucking creature. This creature seemed to have been lurking behind a huge cross tombstone. Tim, one of the group members, is shown as being directly attacked by this unidentified thing.

The creature straight away reaches for Tim’s neck before flying away. Also, just before the attacks, viewers also saw a miniscule humanoid or creature peeping behind the tombstone. Some have suggested that it resembles a skeleton or Halloween prop.

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However, there are others who feel that there is no question of vampires being real. Many have dismissed this as a hoax or stunt. Some have also discussed possibilities of the creature being a false vampire bat.

These bats are large and majorly feed on insects and small vertebrates as per sources. The bats have no tails and instead have big eyes and ears. However, the mystery still lingers on. These bats are not known to attack humans and hence the doubts which still prevail.

Also, the group has posted another video where they clearly show Tim’s injury. This is clearly the mother of all eerie incidents in recent times. Do vampires really exist?

This is a question that needs answers, particularly when one watches the video. It remains to be seen whether further explanations are garnered as to the identity of the creature.

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