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Supernatural Season 12 Spoilers: Wenchster Backstory Hints Death; Hunt for Lucifer Continues

Supernatural season 12 episode 3 will be seeing a mysterious new character surface. Viewers will also be able to see a Castiel sinking further by asking the help of Crowley in hunting down Lucifer.

In addition to these characters stories, the Winchesters back story is also revealed helping fans understand more about this specific element of the superhero series.

According to ITech Post, the last episode entitled Mamma Mia, Catiel Dean and Mary were able to track down Sam. This happened after it is revealed to Sam that Toni also interested with Ruby. Unfortunately, in episode 2, Dean gets himself beat up by Toni. What the three did not know is that Toni has also held captive Benny.

However, all is well with Toni ending up in chains after Mary distracts her, giving Dean time to hit her.

Supernatural Season 12 Spoilers

Mark Shepphard’s character Crowley helps Castiel played by Misha Collins in their search to find Lucifer. After failing on his plot to capture Lucifer on episode 2, Castiel does not have any choice but to seek help from Crowley.

The unlikely duo will prove to be successful not only in putting Lucifer behind bars but also in creating a new form of alliance.

Episode 3, entitled The Foundry looks closer into the family history of the Winchesters. Mary, played by Samantha Smith shared each member of the family’s story. As it progresses, a mysterious character slowly reveals itself in the form of a crying baby.

The lone baby crying in a gloomy mansion turns out to have an evil agenda. The baby lures its victims to death inside an abandoned mansion.

Mary and her sons Dean played by Jensen Ackles and Sam acted by Jared Padalecki’s interest in the baby happened after it impelled a certain someone’s death. As to who, the trailer did not reveal.

Supernatural season 12 will be packed with suspense and new relationships. Watch the next episode on Thursday at 10 p.m. on The CW.

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