PS Plus November 2016

PS Plus November 2016 Games COMPLETE LIST! Official Line-up Include Dirt 3, Pumped BMX+

Sony fans have no more reason to wait. The gaming company has finally revealed the PS Plus November 2016 roster. An early reveal meant more time for players to assess titles to pick and which ones from October to keep.

Sony reveals six games for this PS Plus November 2016 roster. However, not all games will be playable on every platform, as only two games are made available for each. Players will be able to download these games on November 1.

Meanwhile, before we reveal the full list of games, players better download the games they like from the previous months’ lineup.

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A wide assortment for PS Plus November 2016 games

The games are as follows:

  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – The narrative game from The Chinese Room takes players to a wonderful (and eerie) ride towards an empty town. Players have to find out what caused the townsfolk to become “beams” of light. Fans of Dear Esther and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs will find Rapture‘s story equally compelling and devastating.
  • The Deadly Tower of Monsters – The top-down shooter is a retro-esque parody of famous science fiction tropes. The story follows three actors in a sci-fi movie setting. The gameplay and the story put players in a meta-ish universe of a 70s B-movie. However, the twist is that the director is giving a commentary while players are traversing the game at the same time.
  • Dirt 3 – Fans of racing games will be able to scratch the drag racing itch. The game sees players trying to earn good rep for sponsors to give them better cars. Players who like doing stunts will enjoy its “gymkhana” mode, while its online feature allows competitive gameplay.
  • Costume Quest 2 – This title is delectably perfect for the Halloween season. The RPG lets players travel through a wide range of environments while collecting candy. The protagonists will try to defeat Dr. Orel White, who wants Halloween to be banned.
  • Letter Quest Remastered – Puzzle fans will love the word-mixing and spelling game. It’s similar to an RPG version of Boggle, another puzzle variety game.
  • Pumped BMX + – Sports enthusiasts will be able to pull off stunts and tricks with their customized bikes.

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Trend-breaker, more indie direction

It was predicted by a lot of fans that Sony will opt for a more hard-hitting roster for the coming month’s games. According to Game Rant, this is because November is pretty near the Black Friday and December holiday sales. However, the selection above indicates Sony opted for a more indie “approach” to its lineup.

Interestingly, the PlayStation Vita titles in this month’s lineup are cross-play enabled for the PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, fans are encouraged to relive the terror in Resident Evil and save the world in Transformers Devastation from October’s lineup.

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