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Nintendo Switch Release Date, New Games & Specs Revealed! NBA 2K17 Confirmed for NX

Nintendo has surprised millions of fans with the reveal of the Nintendo Switch. Its new hybrid console will hopefully change the face of gaming today. However, it seems Nintendo has high hopes for the revolutionary product.

In fact, Nintendo announced in a financial meeting that it will ship 2-million units by March next year. But is this a good sign?

Takashi Mochizuki, an analyst, told the Wall Street Journal that the 2-million number doesn’t really matter – it’s the date that does. Launching it early March is “not great,” but launching it at the end of the month can boost sales.

According to Game Rant, however, investors are already showing concern about the launch plans. The stocks of the company fell as soon as the Nintendo Switch was revealed, and sales for the Wii U and amiibo are also declining.

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The Nintendo Switch, then revealed as the Nintendo NX, was teased early on as a revolutionary gaming device. However, fans had no idea what the new console entailed. This was critical at the time knowing that two other giants – Microsoft and Sony – are planning to release their own new consoles as well.

Microsoft is teasing Project Scorpion, and the Xbox One S. Both are teased to be equally-powerful devices, one that could usher the “end of console wars.” However, not much is known at this point.

Meanwhile, Sony will be releasing its PlayStation Pro very soon. Like its competitor, not much is revealed about the new product. However, it has just revealed its first step towards virtual reality with its PSVR, but reviews appear mixed.

Can Nintendo Switch and its selling point, that is, being able to play triple-A games on a portable console, hit the masses?

After all, the device boasts to be able to transfer gameplay seamlessly from a television screen akin a powerful console, to a portal tablet-esque device.

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Nintendo Switch: Third Party Galore

Meanwhile, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima emphasized that the Nintendo Switch will not be a 3DS replacement. Rather it’s going to be an entirely new console. Given these facts, the battery life and the price of the product will definitely have a say in the customers’ perception.

Either way, the Nintendo Switch appears to be more than meets the eye. Recent trailers show that the console will actually support a lot of third party developers and engines. According to Polygon, games such as NBA 2K17 and Bethesda’s Skyrim are also teased for the console.

However, rumors say that the two games will not exactly be available for the Nintendo Switch. Bethesda Softworks did reveal it will be part of the third party developers who will support the platform, but Skyrim isn’t exactly part of its lineup for games.

The same goes for NBA 2K17, as the Nintendo Switch may not be powerful enough for the game. However, earlier games such as 2K16 may be an option.

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