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NFL Trade Rumors: Tony Romo Moved to Jets; Analysts Say ‘Impossible’

NFL Trade Rumors are abuzz with news of Tony Romo being up for a likely trade. However, the Cowboys cannot trade Romo in 2016. Trading him ahead of next week’s final deadline looks almost impossible.

NFL Trade Rumors have reported that the Dallas Cowboys are in the midst of a pressing situation with their quarterbacks. However, the team’s sheer talent and depth also deserve to be highlighted. Tony Romo has already been out with a back injury.

Romo’s replacement is putting in performances worthy of an MVP contender. Yes, Dak Prescott has successfully helped the Cowboys en route to five straight victories. The team itself is now at the top of NFC East.

However, Tony Romo is slated to return within the next few weeks according to Fox Sports. Coach Jason Garrett will have a dilemma once that happens. Romo, after all, led the team to the playoff win and 12-4 record two years earlier.

Prescott may be the starter for the rest of the year as per sources, particularly if he outwits the Eagles this Sunday. If Prescott is the first choice for the Cowboys, trading Romo would have made for a good move as per NFL Trade Rumors.

Some Other Key Information

Tony Romo’s cap is $20.835 million this season. The second string quarterback’s salary should not ideally take up 13% of the total cap. However, this is the situation that the Cowboys will encounter this year.

It is financially unviable to trade off Romo to the Jets and it will not take place before the deadline. Even if a willing trade partner were found, it would be impossible to carry off a deal. Trading Romo this season will mean an extra $11.1 million cost for the Cowboys.

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This will take Romo’s cap up to $31.935 million. This will force the Dallas Cowboys to create this huge amount in extra cap space. This is not at all feasible though a deal in the next season looks very much on the cards.

Next season, the Cowboys can free up around $5.4 million in overall cap space while Romo will make $19.6 million anyway. This plan will also work only if Prescott is perfectly capable of being the permanent starter for now. The coming season holds several possibilities pertaining to this trade.

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