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NFL Trade Rumors: Jets Sign Colin Kaepernick & Johhny Manziel

NFL Trade Rumors have been flying thick and fast about two major acquisitions of the New York Jets. Will the Jets sign Johny Manziel and Colin Kaepernick? This is the major question floating around amongst league watchers and fans.

NFL Trade Rumors have highlighted that quarterback Geno Smith has been injured for the Jets. Smith is out on account of a torn ACL during last week’s battle with the Baltimore Ravens. The Jets may try for a deal which brings, Manziel, Kaepernick or Jay Cutler as Smith’s replacement.

Are These Rumors True? 

According to Inquisitr, the rumors are not all false since the Jets will be looking for another quarterback. With Smith pulling out for the entire season and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s unsatisfactory performance, this is inevitable. The only other quarterbacks on the roster are amateur Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty.

Smith’s injury has already rattled the Jets’ coach Todd Bowles. According to HNGN, Johny Manziel and Colin Kaepernick are certainly two possible options for the Jets. Kaepernick is also likely to be released by the San Francisco 49ers soon.

Manziel was released in March 2016 by the Cleveland Browns and can be easily picked up. Manziel, however, was suspended by the NFL for substance abuse violations. He has been reinstated this October and can be grabbed as a free agent.

This makes it more likely that the Jets may go for Johnny Manziel. NFL Trade Rumors have also stated that both players would be good deals for the Jets. The Jets have not quite approached both of these players till now. Manziel does have a few external issues.

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However, the common belief is that Bowles could take that risk for Manziel. This may hopefully work for the New York Jets as well. Right now, till any further developments, they’re sticking with Fitzpatrick. There are some rumors about the Jets possibly snapping up both these players together though these have not been confirmed yet.

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