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NBA Sixers Roster News: Ben Simmons Out til January 2017; OKC a Sure Win

The Philadelphia Sixers Roster News alerts have revealed that Ben Simmons will miss the game against OKC. Coach Brett Brown has confirmed that the top draft pick will return only in January. This has given birth to speculation regarding a sure victory for Oklahoma City.

What The Coach Actually Said

The Sixers Roster News update had the coach Brett Brown stating that it’s not doom and gloom. He maintained a brave front when he said that Ben is coming back in January. Later, Brown added that no set date has been fixed for Simmons’s return.

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According to Slam, Brown talked of how he is excited about how soon he might be able to come back. There is a lot of speculation according to him and a January return may be premature. This, according to him, is a coach doing a lot more wishing than receiving instruction.

Brown also stated that the NBA top draft pick is on track with regard to his rehabilitation. Several pundits are predicting an easy win for Oklahoma City. The game between the Philadelphia Sixers and OKC takes place Wednesday night. The game will be held at the Wells Fargo Center.

As per reports, Ben Simmons is out due to the Jones fracture he suffered. The fracture of the fifth metatarsal in Simmons’s right foot occurred on the 30th of September. This was the final day of the training camp.

The injury took place when Simmons capitulated on the foot of Shawn Long during the Stockton University scrimmage. Simmons has already been through surgery in New York on October 4. He has also returned this week itself for removal of his sutures.

Brown also talked of injuries hampering the 76ers’ preparations ahead of the crucial OKC game. However, he also maintained that the team would prepare as much as possible and give it their best shot.

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