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Minecraft Mods: Sex Mod Download Available; Moms React

Minecraft mods has created a storm online after several disparaging rumors circulated around the same. There are reports of an official sex mod feature available for the game.

The reports have sparked widespread concerns amongst parents whose kids are hooked to this computer game.

One concerned mother has gone on record about her worries related to Minecraft mods, notes Christian Post. She has claimed that a sex mod has been added by Mojang, the company which owns the game.

“Did your brain explode? Because when I found out…not only did my brain explode, but my heart as well.”

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This mom talked of how her little girl was propositioned by another player as a result of these new Minecraft mods. In the app version of the game, one can supposedly install modifications created by users.

Other bloggers have talked of how this is the reason behind making such vulgar things happen like two characters having sex with each other.

One blogger talked of how she was disgusted at the “gangsta Minecraft dude banging a bikini clad chick.” This took place “in the back room of a Minecraft whorehouse” according to her. However, the reality is much more complicated, according to Snopes.

What The Other Version Claims

According to Snopes, the sex mod claim has been called false. Instead, it has been stated that individual players can modify Minecraft and some have created these controversies. The game itself, claims to have no official sex mods.

Mojang does not support this mod which is not integrated into the game officially according to this version. Several experts feel that parents do not quite understand the application of mods to this game. Mods containing violence or graphic sex are not automatically added to this game.

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Players must download the same and add them manually to their game files on purpose. They can be added to the game hosted on multiplayer servers that children often use to play.

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