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Making a Murderer 2 Netflix Premiere: Steven Avery Reportedly Acquitted; Dean Strang, Jerry Buting May Return

Making a Murderer 2 is generating headlines with the famous lawyer duo set to return. Dean Strang and Jerry Buting are set to be back as Stephen Avery’s defense. This has given rise to speculation regarding a possible acquittal of Avery.

The new episodes of the controversial case are now being worked on as revealed by the directors. Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi have revealed that all the legal counsels will be in the new episodes.

According to Game N Guide, Making a Murderer 2 will get all lawyers back. They have all confirmed their return during a speaking tour called A Conversation on Justice. Some episodes have also been filmed where the lawyers have provided interviews about the case.

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According to Jerry Buting, “we have already been interviewed by them, they did approach us, but whether we end up being in it, that’s their decision.” Fans are already waiting to see the reactions of Avery’s defense attorney (Kathleen Zellner) at the return of Buting and Strang.

Why Zellner is Important

Earlier in the year, Zellner desired to overturn the conviction of the prisoner on account of the ineffectiveness of the legal representative. The representative could not prove sufficiently that prior to being killed, Teresa Halbach already left his property.

Making a Murderer 2 will throw up quite a few surprises for enthusiasts and Strang and Buting were asked about Avery’s acquittal. Buting revealed that there was a better chance of acquittal for Avery since “people are more receptive” to these cases in recent times.

Avery has a strong chance of being found not guilty in season 2. Netflix has not officially announced the release of Making a Murderer 2 as of yet. However, Avery’s possible acquittal continues to keep fans and enthusiasts hooked.

The next season promises to be a mixture of intrigue, mystery and thrill. This is a killer combo that may propel the show to greater success this time round.

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