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Julian Assange Dead News: Wikileaks Founder Allegedly Murdered for Election Story

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange has not been connected to the world for almost two weeks now. After posting about US elections being rigged, the journalist’ internet access has been cut off by the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he seeks asylum.

WikiLeaks is a website created by Assange with the purpose of exposing reports related to politics, military, economics, businesses and intelligence. The news website has recently been in the hot seat when they released various reports about the election.

The website posted recently how the US Presidential elections is not really an election by the people but only a select few, more powerful than the citizens. It adds that the only reason why there is voting so that people will have a sense of democracy  when in fact the government has always selected who its president will be.

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The target of the website is mainly Clinton, who suffered severe blows from the site’s expose. Included are her emails from her private email address which revealed top of the rank trades with different countries. Barrack Obama is also being mentioned, revealing ploys set by the Democrats.

Julian Assange Dead?

Following the publication of Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches, its founder, Assange has disappeared from the public. According to their Twitter account, the Ecuadorian embassy has cut off Assange’s internet connection.


Apart from his internet connection, heavily armed men were also seen outside the embassy. According to some reports, he has been seeking asylum there for almost three years. If he comes back to Sweden, he is to face charges of rape and sexual assault. His team denies saying these were false reports and blames US government for planting such news.

Because of the disappearance of Assange in the world wide web, WikiLeaks followers are assuming the worst. Some are even speculating that the journalist is dead and has been murdered.

His team, however, confirms that Assange is still alive and well. Despite the announcement, many are still skeptical about his condition and protests against the cutting of internet connection by taking down the internet.

“Mr. Assange is still alive and WikiLeaks is still publishing. We ask supporters to stop taking down the US internet. You proved your point,” shared the website on their Twitter account.

According to the public, a video of the founder would be sufficient proof that he is alive and healthy.

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  1. Add Julian to the Clinton Body Count List.

  2. I don’t think he is dead and he is too smart to appear at his window. One thing for sure…he is smarter than Hillary and Trump combined.

  3. If he isn’t dead then why won’t WikiLeaks provide conclusive proof that he is alive and well