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High School Musical 4 Movie Confirmed by Disney! West High Knights Cast Revealed

The High School Musical 4 movie has already been confirmed by Disney months ago. But there is still no confirmation as to who will play what role. In our previous post, rumors say that Taylor Swift will replace Vanessa Hudgens. This is because Hudgens and ex-boyfriend Zac Efron can’t work together anymore.

High School Musical 4: East High Wildcats Out! West High Knights In.

But there is a new rumor that surfaced, one that Troyella fans will not be happy about. Disney executives have already announced that casting of new actors of both Wildcats and Knights have already begun. Sparking reports that none of the old actors will reprise their roles in the latest movie.

The casting directors are looking for fresh talents for both West High and East High. And they are looking into rebooting the latest franchise, saying that this time, the movie will focus on West High Knights.

The casting directors for High School Musical 4 are Jason La Padura, C.S.A., Natalie Hart, C.S.A., and Kendra Patterson, C.S.A., of LaPadura/Hart/Patterson.

Fans are still hoping that the original cast will reprise their roles. But with the news of them not reappearing, fans express that they are okay with their favorites to do a cameo role. Fans are theorizing that Troy and Gabriella will return as Peytons’ parents. Peyton is the protagonist character in the new movie.

Fans would also love to see Ashley Tisdale to play as Sharpay again, but this time not as a student but as a drama teacher. But earlier reports already confirmed Tisdale’s announcement that she will not be returning for the fourth installment.

High School Musical rocketed to stardom last 2006. The movie was headed by actors Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Cordin Bleu and Monique Coleman. All the leading cast played their roles in the first three High School Musical movies.

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