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Dr Dre Wife Net Worth: How Much is Nicole Young Worth

Dr Dre wife and kids who usually prefers to be behind the scenes are being dragged into the spotlight. The hip-hop superstar has recently taken several blows from figures from his past.

Michel’le Toussaint, his former wife released this month a biopic of her life called Surviving Compton: Dre, Michel’le & Suge. The story depicts her ex as a violent and abusive man. Dr Dre and his legal team have explicitly denied these claims. His lawyer even threatened to sue Michel’le for defamation of character.

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Co-founder of his production label, Death Row records is also threatening to sue Dr Dre for attempted murder. Suge Knight claims Dr Dre tried to have him killed twice already.

Though both cases have not pushed through in court, Dr Dre and his family are taking on bullets from all directions.

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Dr Dre Wife Affected By Abuse and Murder Claims

Dr Dre wife, Nicole Young is a brilliant businesswoman who has done spectacularly well managing her husband’s businesses. However, the 47 year old entrepreneur has chosen to be in the background. She has remained low key and away from publicity.

Married since 1996, Dr Dre wife and himself seem to be in a stable relationship and has not shown drama in public.

Being Dr Dre wife means having to manage his assets as well. The mega producer is worth $780 Million. But with all the scandal affecting her husband at the moment, his and her net worth also gets affected.

Dr Dre’s bad reputation is causing his music and his merchandise Beats a bad rap and in return produces fewer sales.

If proven innocent on both the violence and murder accusation, they can have a chance to regain reputation and hit back a good profit mark.


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