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Criminal Minds Season 12: Garcia, Luke Start Speculated to be Dating; Never Gonna Say ‘Baby Girl’

Criminal Minds Season 12 has created quite a stir with the developments between Luke and Garcia. Garcia has changed since Morgan left the BAU in the last season. As a result, the new recruit has been at the receiving end of Garcia’s grief.

As per the latest Criminal Minds Season 12 update, Adam Rodriguez (who plays Luke), has talked of developments stoically. He talked of how Luke “understands where it’s all coming from. He also added that she doesn’t have anything personal against him.”

Criminal Minds Season 12 has been replete with several awkward moments, according to These include nicknames such as Mr. Tall, Dark and Blandsome. The “fingering techniques” banter has also created quite a stir.

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However, several viewers are loving the chemistry being built between Garcia and Luke as a result.

There is widespread speculation about the eventual buildup of this chemistry between the two. However, romantic developments are currently ruled out according to sources. Viewers can possibly expect some fireworks in the near future though.

Luke as a character has garnered considerable sympathy from fans after being at the receiving end of Garcia’s taunts. However, the relationship may well be smoothened out in the future.

 The Crux Of The Developments

Rodriguez has gone on record to state that baby girl will be one nickname that Luke will never utter. This is because this nickname was used by Morgan in the past and is absolutely scared. Rodriguez added that, “Luke’s a smart guy. He knows better than to step on that.”

Rodriguez has also stated that “I don’t think he’s ever gonna say baby girl. He was firm when he said that I don’t think he should.”

Criminal Minds season 12 is aired on CBS every Wednesday at 9/8c.

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