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Resident Evil 7 Demo Trailer: Watch Immortal Enemy Gameplay; No More Zombies Speculated

When a homicidal cannibal is out to kill you, it seems a good bullet to the head is an option. But what if he doesn’t die? This is the latest mystery from the recent Resident Evil 7 trailer.

Resident Evil 7 continues to become one of the most highly-anticipated horror games on the horizon. Its claim to depart from the zombie-infested Resident Evil formula is clear. Recent demos and trailers show a huge lack of zombies and a lot of creepier, inhuman elements.

This time, it appears an immortal enemy is on the loose.

According to the recent Immortal trailer, the character encounters someone named Jack Baker. The latter kept on going ballistic to the player with a spiked club. Being the protective protagonist that he is, he’s got no choice but to shoot.

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However, Jack doesn’t die. After being shot in the chest multiple times, he stands up as if nothing happened. He says “Oh, no, no, no. Now you’re going to get it, boy,” as he gets back to his feet.

The player makes a quick turn to the realization, and then the screen gets cut to black.

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Resident Evil 7: No More Zombies?

This recent trailer is yet another display of the radical departure of Resident Evil 7 to its parent franchise. The rebellious youngling is breaking one survival horror trope after the other. Although the game doesn’t have a lack of weapons, its absence of zombies and “monsters” make the game eerier by the minute.

The presence of a dilapidated mansion, a mysterious family, and the unforgiving environment appears more Silent Hill than Resident Evil. However, the “haunted cabin in the woods” gives a new meaning to suburban horror.

Players will still find familiar Resident Evil elements such as herbs in the game, but it seems Resident Evil 7 will offer more disturbing information soon.

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Resident Evil 7 will have a January 24, 2017 release for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Players can buy a deluxe version for $89.99. This includes a season pass, three extra story chapters and the main game itself.

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