World War 3 News 2016: Donald Trump Confirms Plans of WW3 if Hillary Cinton Wins
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World War 3 News 2016: Donald Trump Confirms Plans of WW3 if Hillary Cinton Wins

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As part of a startling World War 3 News 2016 update, Donald Trump has made yet another controversial statement. Trump noted that if Hilary Clinton won the US Presidential elections, it would spark World War 3. He came down heavily on Clinton’s plan for Syria and its potential to spark conflict with Russia.

According to the New York Post, Trump spoke of how Hilary’s Syria plan would lead to a probable war. He talked of conflicts with, “military forces from nuclear-armed Russia” in the offing. This World War 3 News 2016 update has sparked uproar on the internet from Clinton’s backers.

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Trump also added that defeating the Islamic State made for a greater priority. Bearing on Bashar al- Assad (Syrian President) to resign comes second. Trump asked how Hilary would handle Vladimir Putin.

Some Other Statements Made By Trump

He also criticized Obama for the poor relations between the Philippines and United States. According to Trump, if there was “party unity, we couldn’t lose this election to Hilary Clinton.” Trump said Clinton’s aggressive approach towards Syria may plunge the US into World War 3.

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Clinton has already demanded the setting up of safe zones and a no-fly zone. Experts fear that protection of such zones may spark conflict with Russian fighter jets. Trump once again shifted the focus towards combating ISIS.

He also singled out Clinton’s stinging criticism of Putin and its future implications. Trump was also adamant that the “media is rigging the polls.” He expressed confidence in winning the election too.

Trump talked of how his supporters were angry at the Republican Party leadership. According to him, “the people are very angry with the leadership of this party.”

“This is an election that we will win 100 percent if we had support from the top.”

However, Trump did say that he would not consider having Democrats in his own cabinet if he won eventually.


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