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The Voice 2016 Auditions: New Blind Audition Twist in UK Slammed! Details Here

The Voice 2016 Auditions have just started but the show is already being slammed. The UK franchise of the worldwide popular talent show introduced a new blind audition twist and some of the judges hit on the new development.

In the past seasons, the judges who did not press the buzzer will still get to see who auditioned. They will then give their critic on the performance and give the reason why they did not press their buzzer.

For The Voice 2016 auditions, the chairs of the coaches who did not press their buzzers will not turn around at the end of the audition. They will not be able to see who performed and give out their advice on how the performer will improve.

Host Emma Willis explained: “If you don’t push your button for a contestant, you don’t get to see them… If nobody turns then nobody gets to see who’s sung,” Telly Mix reports.

But some of the judges slammed the new twist. Returning judge Will.Iam and newcomer Jennifer Hudson are not happy about it.

“I don’t personally like that change. If there are no turns that person walks away with no feedback. We talk about it among ourselves,” Will.Iam stressed.

Hudson agreed with the Black Eyed Peas rapper.  “I think feedback is needed – a conversation is needed,” she said.

But Sir Tom Jones, another returning coach, thinks otherwise. He thinks that the new blind audition tweak might be better. “I think it’s a good idea because one of the worst things is when you haven’t pressed your button and you turn around and you’ve got to explain to the people why you didn’t,” in his interview with Radio Times.

“I know if I was in that person’s position and nobody turned then I’d want to get out of there!”

Willis also agrees with the seasoned singer. She thinks it is better for the coaches because they will be less apologetic. “When they see someone who hasn’t turned, it’s very apologetic. But if they haven’t seen that person and don’t have to interact directly, it’s a bit more ‘that was a little bit off key’, where they might not have said having seen them. So I think it’s a good thing for the show,” she explained during her interview.

The new season of The Voice UK will start airing on ITV at the start of 2017.

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