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Uncharted Game Movie Cast: Stranger Things Star Joins Film

Things are about to get stranger with the Uncharted franchise. It appears someone from Stranger Things will be a part of the explosive Uncharted game movie.

The PlayStation-exclusive game has finally found its film director in Shawn Levy. Film buffs and movie geeks will recognize Levy’s work in Stranger Things and Night at the Museum.

The Uncharted series is a third-person action-adventure title developed by Naughty Dog and published exclusively by Sony. It follows the adventures of treasure hunter Nathan Drake and his journey around the world.

The franchise has been critically-acclaimed for its witty story and engaging mechanics. It even earned a couple of Game of the Year awards.

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Not-so-new With Games

According to Polygon, Levy isn’t exactly that new to the video game industry. Mojang has just rejected his plans for a Minecraft film with a plot similar to the Goonies. Hopefully, the Uncharted game movie becomes his big break.

Regardless, the director has had a lot on his plate. Levy also didn’t necessarily direct all the episodes of Netflix hit Stranger Things. He has just produced the Jeremy Renner-Amy Adams sci-fi horror film Arrival, which adds yet another film to his resume.

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However, the addition of Levy towards the Uncharted game movie team is big news for the franchise. The movie should have already started filming in 2015. Unfortunately, its supposed director Seth Gordon had to leave production.

The same thing happened with Joe Carnahan, who is its original writer. He eventually had to work on Sony’s Bad Boys For Life.

A film might be a good start for a new protagonist. Naughty Dog just wrapped up Nathan Drake’s adventures with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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