Teen Wolf Season 6 Cast May Include Bella Thorne; Tyler Posey Excited!

Teen Wolf Season 6 premiere is just around the corner and the whole cast is wrapping up the filming. 19-year-old actress Bella Thorne posted a Snapchat photo of her and Tyler Posey on the set of the MTV teen show. Many are wondering if Teen Wolf will cast Thorne. But the sexy actress said that she is just paying her boyfriend Posey a visit on the set.

Bella visited Posey at 1am in the morning. And even if the Teen Wolf hunk is in full costume, she can’t help but flirt with him and snaps photos of the both of them. Posey was very excited about the visit, sources said. He happily posed as Thorne took lots of selfies with him.

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Thorne is very public with her relationship with the 24-year-old actor, even posting on Instagram a photo of her posing and wearing her boyfriend’s boxers.

The two started dating last September. Friends of the couple said they are inseparable. A report by InTouch Weekly even suggested that the two moved in together after just a few weeks of dating.

Spinoff after Teen Wolf Season 6?

Meanwhile, Executive Producer Jeff Davis revealed that he is contemplating a spinoff series after the season finale. He further said that he was already thinking about the idea a few years ago. “We wanted to do as Eichen House as its own spinoff with Doctor Deaton as the head of Eichen gathering a supernatural team.” Davis is talking about the mental facility that was part of the series in the early seasons. Doctor Deaton, played by Seth Gilliam, is a Veterinarian at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic and a Druid.

The Teen Wolf Season 6 executive producer revealed this during their show’s panel segment at the New York Comic-con at the Hammerstein Ballroom. During the event, Davis set the audiences’ expectation in the finale. “Certain characters may find their end in this season,” Davis said.

Lots of bloodsheds, car crashes, chases and ‘a guy on the horse with a gun’ are expected in the finale. “You wouldn’t believe the number of crazy ideas we’ve talked about in the writer’s room,” Davis said with a laugh.

MTV’s Teen Wolf Season 6 will premiere on November 15, 2016.

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  1. The spin off idea wasTWO years ago.Teen Wolf is done and JD has dumped the show in favor of ‘Let The Right One In’ for TNT and ‘War Of The Worlds’ for MTV (soon to be taken over by CBS). Thorne has NOT been cast for anything.