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Taylor Swift New Album 2016: New Song About Tom Hiddleston Said To Be in the Works

Is Taylor Swift new album 2016 in the works? Speculated to be released either October or November this month, the singer’s new album is set to be a massive hit come the holiday season.

The theory that Taylor Swift new album 2016 will be released last quarter of this year comes from her record of the album release. Not only has the singer, songwriter put out an album around October or November in recent years. She is also known to release one every two years.

So, if T-Swift follows her previous album release sequence, then there is a high possibility that a Taylor Swift new album 2016 is already in the works if not waiting for a release. However, nothing has been confirmed from her end yet.

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Taylor Swift New Album 2016 Talks About Tom Hiddleston?

Taylor Swift writes about her breakups. That fact is well-known and has even had a pivotal role in her success.

This year, one of the biggest news was the Taylor Swift-Tom Hiddleston hook-up followed quickly by a break-up. Though the dreamy love story lasted merely three months, it was evident that the two really enjoyed each other’s company.

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The media has speculated rumors here and there about the couple’s break-up. However, the most plausible one seems to be schedule differences.

Dating Tom is not quite like Taylor Swift at all. Usually, the 26-year old star usually dates men close to her age. Although, recently she had been having some sort of preference change in men. According to Movie News Guide‘s source, the young singer is attracted to Ben Affleck who was married to Jennifer Garner.

Her age gap with Tom was just nine years. But if she pursues Ben, she’ll be dating a 44-year old man. Not saying that it’s wrong, it’s just a different cup of tea for T-Swift.

Taylor Swift and Break-ups

Not new to breaking up and not so lasting relationship, Taylor is quite popular in the category. She has even been the subject to multiple break-up memes and internet jokes. However, the singer is unfazed and even uses her relationship mishaps as subject to highly her highly successful albums.

No wonder, Taylor’s music is always highly recommended as a break-up soundtrack. From angry to mellow, you have a T-Swift song that suits your post-relationship blues.

The Rolling Stones even shared a list of T-Swift best break-up songs which included Teardrops on My Guitar, Forever and Always, Better than Revenge, Mine, Dear John, We are Never Ever Getting Back Together and The Story of Us. All of which are fan favorites and break-up must haves.


Whether Taylor Swift New Album 2016 will be about breaking up with Tom, attraction for Ben or outside the love story world, it’s definitely something to look forward to.


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