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Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One Mods Reportedly Better Than PS4; 65 on XB1, 10 on PlayStation 4

It seems Sony is really making it hard for Skyrim fans. It appears there are monumentally a lot more Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One mods versus its PlayStation contemporaries.

Bethesda has begun accepting console mod submissions for the Skyrim Special Edition that will be released this October 28.

The game boasts better graphics and officially-supported Bethesda mods. PC players who also own the PC version will be given the Special Edition free of charge!

However, fans of the hit fantasy RPG will have a hard time playing the mods on the PlayStation 4. If one were to count the number of mod listings in, there are whopping 65 Skyrim Special Edition mods versus a wimpy 10 for the PlayStation 4.

As of writing, it appears the 10 mods are also available on the Xbox One and not exclusive to the PS4 version.

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Favoritism? Yikes!

However, according to Game Rant, players should understand that this allowance for mod isn’t a show of favoritism towards Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One Mods. This solely comes from Microsoft and its decision to allow users to use mods in the game.

Unfortunately, Sony imposed stricter rules.

Naturally, this is also why there is more space for Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One mods in the iteration versus the PlayStation 4.

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Meanwhile, much of the PlayStation 4 mods also deal with efficiency measures. This allows players to add more quest lines or dialogue choices in the game. Unfortunately, the Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One mods allow funnier and bigger modifications to the game.

This problem isn’t exclusive to Skyrim, however. Bethesda also encountered quite a similar conundrum towards Fallout 4‘s PlayStation 4 version. Hardware and software issues had made Bethesda decrease the mod size for the game substantially.

Skyrim Special Edition will be launching this October 28 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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