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NBA Nets News: Linsanity Back vs Celtics; Jeremy Lin Stats

Jeremy Lin is making headlines as he prepares for a possible return against the Celtics. The Brooklyn Nets face off against the Boston Celtics at the TD Garden. The October 26th match has Linsanity back in New York and he will be aiming to prove a point!

The Brooklyn Nets signed up Jeremy Lin to a three-year contract worth $36 million. Sources are stating that this could well be Lin’s Career Year. The Brooklyn Nets face off against the Boston Celtics after three straight defeats.

According to Fansided, New York holds a special attraction for Jeremy Lin. Lin, however, has looked a little jaded over the last few years. However, during his time as a New York Knick, the stats were amazing! In 2011-12 with the Knicks, Lin had averages of 6.2 assists, 3.1 rebounds, 14.6 points and 1.6 steals overall. It is not surprising that most of these figures are career best performances till date.

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The Nets last took on the Celtics on 13th October and lost by a slim margin. The Celtics, on the other hand, have already won four straight games coming into this battle. Jeremy Lin now holds the key for the Brooklyn Nets. He has previously credited Kenny Atkinson who was an assistant at the Knicks for being on his side and motivating him.

Why Should Lin Do Better?

There has been just a single year where Lin’s average playing time was more than 30 minutes approximately for every game. This was right after New York when he played for the Houston Rockets. Lin has already stated that he joined the Brooklyn Nets only for the presence of Atkinson here.

There is a massive reunion on the cards and New York could again witness something special from Lin in his prime. He may cross seven assists and 20 points per game while making the All-Star Team as well!

This preseason, Lin has averages of 5.6 assists, 17.2 points, 1.4 steals and 2.0 rebounds. These numbers are pretty good when one considers that his average playing time stands at around 23 minutes per game. He enjoys overwhelming support from Brooklyn fans.

With Lin now reunited with both New York and Kenny Atkinson, we’re expecting fireworks again! Another Linsanity special perhaps?


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