Kate Middleton pregnant

Kate Middleton Pregnant Rumors: News Hint Queen Elizabeth Forcing for Another Baby

Is Kate Middleton pregnant? Rumors have been swirling around that a third royal baby is on the way. There are rumors of Queen Elizabeth having forced the Duchess to have another baby.

Kate Middleton pregnant news made headlines after Prince William and her official visit to Canada. According to Life & Style Weekly, Kate is pregnant with her third child and this has apparently displeased her sister.

Reportedly, Pippa Middleton wants the spotlight to be firmly on her instead of her sister’s bump. Pippa has recently got engaged to James Matthews who is a hedge fund manager. According to Inquisitr, the Middleton sisters have been at loggerheads on the royal baby’s timing.

Pippa is reportedly planning things around the birth and may put off the wedding for some time. Kate’s mother Carole Middleton has also been reported to be unhappy. She has also expressed her displeasure at the new baby overshadowing the impending nuptials.

Did Queen Elizabeth Really Force Kate? 

Kate Middleton pregnant rumors have been spreading thick and fast about Queen Elizabeth’s hand in the pregnancy. It is being rumored that the Queen may have forced the couple to have another baby. The Queen reportedly desired something to cheer citizens up post the Brexit issue. She reportedly emphasized on the royal baby being the perfect antidote for the holiday season ahead.

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Other reports have also claimed that this pregnancy may be a result of the Duke & Duchess fighting to save their marriage. There are rumors of persistent problems in their marriage and this may be a potent reason. However, there are some who do not believe these pregnancy rumors. They suggest that Queen Elizabeth purposely sabotages all attempts of the couple to have another child.

These sources claim that the Queen always has pressing royal engagements for the couple. William and Kate barely have time to see each other these days as per reports. Rumors talk of Queen Elizabeth sabotaging chances of another baby to prevent further skimping on royal duties.


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