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Big Bang Theory Season 10 Spoilers: Penny Pegged to be Pregnant; ‘Fetal Catalyst’ Preview Revealed

Big Bang Theory Season 10 news has been flowing online forums in recent times. There are rumors whether Penny is pregnant in the latest season. Also, The Fetal Kick Catalyst preview of the show has been released.

Big Bang Theory Season 10 looks set to be more captivating with rumors of Penny being pregnant. The main story will initially center on Leonard and Penny’s visit to the local Comic-Con. There, Penny will realize that she already has a few fans from an earlier movie she did. This movie was done when Penny was absolutely desperate to land an acting part.

Some Other Attractions 

Additionally, fans will be glued to Big Bang Theory Season 10 after Raj admitted the end of his romantic liaisons with Claire and Emily. This puts an interesting twist on his future romantic journey. Amy and Sheldon will be hosting a brunch among other spoilers revealed by The Fetal Kick Catalyst preview.

This episode will show Amy and Sheldon continuing to live together in the apartment owned by Penny. There will be moments from Comic Con where Penny will find several critics of her Serial-Ape-ist role. However, Leonard will support her tremendously.

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Also, in spite of rumors, Penny is not pregnant as of yet. Bernadette is the one who is pregnant and according to TV Fanatic, the Wolowitz baby is due soon. Howard appears quite stressed about becoming a father and this will also be shown in this episode.

Either way, The Fetal Kick Catalyst is sure to keep fans engrossed with its multiple exciting plot points. People will be eagerly watching to see how Sheldon and Amy’s relationship pans out. Raj’s future romances will also be a matter of intense speculation.

On the other hand, Howard and Bernadette’s experiences as would-be parents will also be well documented in the episode.

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