Bermuda Triangle Solved
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Bermuda Triangle Solved! Hexagonal Clouds, Air Bombs Blamed for Mysteries of Missing Planes

Is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle solved? A Science Channel show claimed to have solved this lingering mystery. However, a scientist later clarified that the message had been misrepresented.

The Bermuda Triangle solved news started trending online after a Science Channel show claimed so. According to the channel’s claims, hexagon shaped cloud gaps were seen over Bermuda. This was seen through a NASA satellite’s pictures.

On the other hand, a different satellite captured similar clouds linked to heavy winds and huge waves over the North Sea. Meteorologists have stated that this is a signature microburst phenomenon. This apparently creates strong winds and was touted as the solution to the Bermuda Triangle mystery.

According to the Washington Post, Randall Cerveny, the Arizona State University meteorology director said that the message was wrongly put. Cerveny talked of being really upset on seeing the show. Even the Sun published an article on this stating that 170 mph air bombs were capable of downing planes and ships. The New York Post, Daily Mail, Today Show and other journalistic biggies picked up the story as well.

What Cerveny Actually Meant

Professor Cerveny did talk of air bombs while explaining the phenomenon of microbursts. Microbursts can certainly sink ships and wreak havoc on land. However, Cerveny clarified that he is not certain of the Bermuda Triangle mystery being solved.

He has also clarified that he provided the microburst explanation just as a likely possibility and nothing more. The Bermuda Triangle Solved news updates have hence been proved false. The Science Channel show attributed the solution to Cerveny.

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However, Cerveny himself has now issued the above clarifications. He talked of how he didn’t have the scope to watch the show before it was broadcasted. He talked of how it was a surprise.

Cerveny also laughed off all rumors of the mystery being solved by firmly stating that he has no interest in studying the Bermuda Triangle.

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