Under Armour Curry 3 Shoes Release: Colorways & Where to Buy

Steph Curry 3 shoes have been trending online ever since news of its release came out. Curry, who has been NBA MVP two times, has a new set of shoes from Under Armour. The shoes have already been released on October 25 and will be dropping in stores around the world soon.

The Steph Curry 3 Shoes will come in eight different colorways, according to The Spun. Each of these colorways will officially be revealed on different dates. Sources indicate that the release dates will be timed over the next couple of months or more.

More Details on the Deal

Steph Curry 3 shoes represent a fruitful collaboration between the superstar and Under Armour. This is a big year for the duo since Curry has already helped the company setup a $200 million enterprise. Expectations are high for next year since Curry’s deal was beefed up recently.

This made Steph Curry the fourth highest earner in this segment behind the likes of Durant, Michael Jordan and James. Curry’s earnings with Under Armour this year will easily exceed his Warriors salary. The Warriors will pay him $12.1 million as per final estimates.

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With more money to be paid to Steph Curry, Under Armour is reportedly busy testing preferable price points for customers. $140 for a pair is the price for the third version. This version will come in Warrior colors nationwide. This is more than the $120, $130 and $135 charged for the Curry 1, 2 and 2.5 respectively.

The Steph Curry 3 shoes will come with charged cushioning. This will boost first-step speed and directional changes. There will be use of Anafoam which will ensure a body-specific fit in addition to enhanced support and the lightweight structure overall.

There will be the Meta-Wing carbon fire shank which will offer greater stability. Enhanced locked-in stability will be offered through the arch, heel and forefoot. The shoes can be bought at the Under Armour official site.

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