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WWE News: John Cena Talks Nikki Bella Sex with Young Fan [Watch]

In some rather shocking WWE News, superstar John Cena garnered headlines with an uncensored statement. In response to a young fan’s question, Cena listed Nikki Bella as his favorite thing to eat! This statement has been creating quite a stir online amongst Cena & WWE fans.

WWE News updates have indicated that John Cena is getting more than his fair share of buzz online. This happened after the wrestler made an appearance at the Phoenix Comic Con which was held over the weekend. Cena arrived at this event for the Total Bellas Q&A with Daniel Bryan and The Bella Twins.

What Cena Actually Said 

According to Wrestle Zone, during the panel, a young fan asked Cena what his favorite food is. The reply came in Cena’s inimitable style where he stated that if I were to have Nicole stand up this time, I couldn’t show you. He went on to add that Don’t worry, you’re gonna get that in a few years. Cena directly hinted that Nikki Bella was his favorite food though he made up for the gaffe later by saying I’m kidding, totally kidding.

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Brie Bella then talked about how Daniel Bryan would probably have made a similar statement but Nikki Bella got everything back on track. She stated that John Cena loves vegetables and steak which he endorsed by saying Thank you, that’s the right answer. He went on to add I’m an idiot! Thank you guys for dealing with me as he rounded off his appearance on a humorous note.

They have also been featured on the Total Bellas show on the E! Network. This is one of the biggest WWE News updates that has successfully managed to keep John Cena in the online spotlight!

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