World War 3 News 2016: US, North Korea May Team Up Against Russia

In latest World War 3 News and apprehensions, United States and North Korean officials met in Malaysia. This meeting came on the back of World War 3 fears and tensions. The meeting is believed to have been called for establishing a peace treaty.

As per World War 3 News, tensions have been escalating between North Korea and the United States from September. This is major because of Pyongang’s violation of the UN sanctions by holding its fifth nuclear missile test. Senior North Korean and US officials met over the weekend and there may be a possible transformation in relations according to the Express.

The Actual Happenings

World War 3 News reports suggest that the two parties may be negotiating a peace treaty. The meeting was attended by the Vice Foreign Minister of North Korea, Han Song-ryol and Jan Il-hun, the Deputy Ambassador of North Korea to the UN. US officials included Robert Gallucci who negotiated the deal with Pyongang in 1994 and Joseph DeTrani. The latter is an ex US deputy envoy for the weapons program at North Korea.

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Director of the Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project at the Social Science Research Council, Leon Sigal, also attended. He stated that North Korea is asking for an agreement to the peace treaty by promising to freeze its nuclear program. Sigal also talked about how he feels in a stronger position to negotiate between the US and North Korea. Being uninvolved in direct US politics, Sigal feels confident of raising matters that the US Government cannot.

President Obama’s present policy is to withhold talks with North Korea till Kim-Jong-un shuts down the nuclear program. These talks also come after North Korea criticized the United Kingdom for conducting military exercises in South Korea. This peace treaty, however, has broader implications for experts. This may well be a ganging up against Russia and a future contest cannot be ruled out.

Pak Yun, the foreign affairs representative from North Korea, stated that the situation was closer to war on the Korean peninsula. This was due to countless military exercises by South Korean and American forces according to him. He also talked of how Britain sent Typhoon Fighter Jets for participating in joint US-South Korean military drills.

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