Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Trailer

Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Trailer: First Four Hours Preview Reveal New Hacking Features, Vibrant San Francisco

Hacking aficionados are less than a month away from wreaking havoc in San Francisco. However, in this Watch Dogs 2 gameplay trailer, it seems hacking will save the day.

The highly-anticipated Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel to the first Watch Dogs game. Sadly, the first game met dismal reviews despite its novel premise that includes a city-wide hacking conspiracy. However, the new Watch Dogs 2 gameplay trailer will put the “fun” back in hacking.

The newest Watch Dogs 2 gameplay trailer showcases the beauty of San Francisco. The first game took place in Detroit and, while the playing field itself is expansive enough, San Francisco just had this beautiful tropical air around it.

The game lets players explore a multitude of locations including Silicon Valley, Oakland, Marin County and of course downtown San Francisco. Players will also be able to use a variety of vehicles such as quads, jeeps, and even dirt bikes.

The new protagonist Marcus Halloway and his crew tour players in the vibrant city. They encounter bystanders with lives on their own, with someone every now and then in need of the occasional cyber hero-saving. Although the San Francisco setting appears to be just as expansive as Detroit, the game appears to motivate players enough to find out more about the mysteries of ctOS2 in the new city.

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The Watch Dogs 2 gameplay trailer emphasizes the presence of a new city-wide monitoring system that makes sure its citizens are doing “what they need to do.” This is reminiscent of the first game’s core plot, but this time Watch Dogs 2 deals with big data and data manipulation.

Marcus stumbles upon his crew, DedSec, after being falsely accused of a crime. He will use his hacking skills to unveil the deeper plot behind this conspiracy. But with an all-powerful system, big guns and an entire police system blocking his way – will Marcus and his friends prevail?

Cyber Driver Mayhem

Players are very much aware that Watch Dogs 2 and the entire franchise takes a lot of real-life hacktivism activities. Interviews with Ubisoft had them admit that they take inspiration from people and groups such as Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks and Anonymous.

The plot itself is based on real events and, while fictional, is an interesting take on an all-seeing Big Brother-esque system. However, the Watch Dogs 2 gameplay trailer also offers a lot more in store than just realistic hacking.

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Staff from Game Rant were fortunate enough to play the game for as long as four hours, and it seems Watch Dogs 2 really is clamoring for the Game of the Year cake.

The gameplay demonstration included the first few missions in the game. One mission, in particular, the Cyber Rider, not only did advance the plot but also made fun of a few modern tropes in popular culture.

This is a good thing, given that the first game transformed into a slugfest with Aiden’s vengeance-ridden quest. For instance, protagonist Marcus steals a sample from a famous rapper and imitated the musician with their own version. They used their iteration to make fun of in-game millionaire Gene Carcani.

Not only is this hilarious, but it’s also a good take on real-life hacktivism and their motivations.

Essence of the Game

The Cyber Driver mission also seems to contain the essence of the game as a whole, especially its “fun” side. For instance, action star Jimmy Siska appears to be a Tom Cruise-esque character when a mission features Siska and Scientology.

Regardless, the game offers a lot of old features from the first game – only with additional mechanics. The skill tree appears to be revamped and easier-to-manage. Not to mention, most of San Francisco appears “hackable” and actually useful as environmental inconveniences to both innocent bystanders and enemies.

However, the game also offers a different approach to combat. Marcus and his friends are more than capable of firing back at enemies, but “ghosting” past a crowd is much more rewarded in the game.

Overall, the game appears to be a fun ride at the start. The progress in-game makes it easy for players to switch from the narrative and free-roaming.

Watch Dogs 2 will have a November 15 release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will have a PC release on November 29.

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