PS Plus November 2016 Games

PS Plus November 2016 Games: PS VR Games Included; Batman VR, Driveclub VR & More!

November is fast approaching, which means players ought to have a new roster of PS Plus November 2016 games. However, given that Sony is still quiet about the list, we could only help but speculate.

Rumors range from a variety of triple-A titles to classic games. However, with a wide variety of games available for play, just what could possibly make it to the cut?

According to PlayStation Universe, it’s about time Rayman Legends arrived in the PlayStation. Xbox Live Gold subscribers are able to play the game on their console, and Ubisoft may just offer the game to fans.

Platformer Knack may also make its way to the PlayStation 4, and Game N Guide speculates that Max Payne 3 will be arriving in the console as well.

Given the arrival of highly-anticipated sequels this year, it also appears their predecessors may be sent to the roster of PS Plus November 2016 games. This includes Watch Dogs and a Battlefield game. Players may already have heard of the stellar reviews about Battlefield 1 and the highly-anticipated Watch Dogs 2.

However, one more mystery is added into the mix: what about virtual reality?

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PlayStation VR: Making its way to PlayStation Plus

The recent release of Sony’s virtual reality platform met a bit of a mixed review. After all, not a lot of titles are currently available for the platform.

However, developers do appreciate the platform’s potential. The PlayStation VR launch already offers a plethora of games that could be enjoyed by players. It may be time to include these titles in PlayStation Plus.

This includes games such as Battlezone VR, Rez Infinite VR, and RIGS Mechanized Combat League. All of these games are intense and immersive shooters that will surely make fans enjoy their VR experience.

Others are also waiting for Here They Lie and Until Dawn, horror titles that have been critically-acclaimed due to their disturbing settings and deep narrative.

Players still have the option to celebrate music with Hatsune Miku and her Project Diva X. This allows PSVR owners to actually relish in a concert in VR.

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However, rumors stay strong with Batman VR and Driveclub VR meeting the lucky end of the roster of PS Plus November 2016 games. These games are part of heavy-hitting franchises with massive fanbases. Making these games available in the roster of PS Plus November 2016 games may help boost its market value.

Players can expect the whole roster of PS Plus November 2016 games sometime this week or early next week.

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