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NFL Scores News: Dolphins Arian Foster Retires; Soft Tissue Injury May be the Reason

In the latest round of NFL scores and other news, Dolphins’ Arian Foster announced his retirement after yet another soft tissue injury. Struck by the latest amongst multiple injuries in the Week 2 defeat to the Patriots, he took a decision right away. The veteran running back will finish his short Miami career with 55 rushing yards on 22 attempts.

There is talk of how Jay Ajayi’s rise as a superstar in the making has contributed towards the diminishing of Foster’s powers in Miami’s offense line. Reports state how Foster debuted with the Dolphins as the week 1 starter. However, he bowed out this weekend after another injury.

In an interview with UNINTERRUPTED, the NFL star talked of how the “game has been everything to therapy, my joy, my solace and my enemy.”

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Foster also talked of how he had learned to love every aspect of the game right from huge accomplishments to stinging criticism. He added that he was fortunate to have played numerous successful years in the league with good NFL scores to boot. He thanked the Dolphins for allowing him to leave with grace and also added that this was the right time to walk away, as per the New York Times.

Foster Confirms Injuries

Confirming speculations of lingering soft tissue injuries, Foster added that his body “just can’t take the punishment this game asks for any longer.”

He shared of how every athlete wants to retire as an MVP but life often has other plans. The retirement will be effective immediately and sources have pointed to his heart’s inability to endure another rehab even for a minor injury.

Foster is widely acknowledged as one of the best backs in football over the last half-decade or so. He ends his career tied at the first position for touchdowns from scrimmage and his 84.7 rushing yards per game is ranked second in this period. He is also ranked first with regard to yards from scrimmage per game and also 100 yard rushing games as per widely available NFL scores.

Foster’s legacy as a free thinker will be remembered. He was released by the Texans after missing a whopping 12 games last season due to injuries. He joined the Dolphins on a year’s deal but has since appeared in only four games due to recurring injuries.

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