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Netflix November 2016: Netflix Allegedly Down & Bankrupt With $3B in Debt

November may not be a good month for Netflix. It appears that the company will accrue another $800-million in debt, starting Netflix November 2016 with a whopping $3-billion debt for its shows.

Fans of the hit streaming service will remember that Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos said that the company will be spending approximately $6-billion to make new series and films. Much of the big number will be spent acquiring more content offerings and exclusive deals.

Popular Netflix original shows include Narcos, Black Mirror, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Marvel trio (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage), Sense8 and Orange is the New Black.

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Is it goodbye Netflix?

Netflix is currently assessing with its investors about the $800-million debt offering. As of writing, no deals have been made just yet.

However, with the company already buried in $2.37-billion in debt, is this a good move?

Turns out it is. AllFlicks has released a study that ratings for original Netflix series and films are rating an average of 11-percent higher than its other titles. This means more users are becoming interested in Netflix’s original content.

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Sarandos previously explained this risky move for Netflix November 2016 is a move towards having 50-percent of its available content as original creations.

According to Polygon, Netflix’s content library actually shrunk by half since 2012 as it lost distribution rights to certain films and series. Although the company will be spending a lot of money to make more original content, it may actually cut down the library content.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Netflix will remove third-party content entirely. Studios such as Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm are still making its releases Netflix-enabled.

It also appears that for Netflix November 2016, the company has already passed a $2-billion global streaming revenue threshold. This means that while Netflix has a $3-billion debt, its revenue is increasing by 36-percent every year.

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