NBA Cavaliers News: LeBron James Reportedly Angry at JR Smith; $57M Contract May be the Reason to Blame

LeBron James is reportedly unhappy with guard JR Smith, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ new signee. The Cavs signed Smith on a $57 million, four year contract earlier this week, making him the 10th highest paid shooting guard in the entire league. This new and historic contract may have something to do with James’ subtly veiled anger at Smith.

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The Cavs took a few months to agree to a long term blueprint for Smith. However, the last two years of his contract are not fully guaranteed.

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The Cavs starting five will make around $100 million this season if there are no changes. Cavs star LeBron James will be paid $30.96 million while others like Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving will get anything between $15.33-21.17 million, according to Inquisitr.

Owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, looks set to pay record luxury tax for a salary sheet adding up to an estimated $160 million. Smith’s new contract has clearly set the cat amongst the pigeons. Upon Gilbert’s acquisition of the team, he stated that he would spend as much as needed to win a championship for Cleveland. JR Smith’s contract may well be the first step towards fulfilling this promise.

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LeBron, on the other hand, is reportedly irked at the owner shelling out a king’s ransom for Smith who is still shaking off the rust, missing two shots in the last practice session. Smith played just 12 minutes in his only preseason game a few days earlier.

Smith stated that,” As long as I keep making (shots), I guess I’ll stay on the court.”

While Cavs may have paid Smith more than what he is due, the idea of James being pissed at this decision is unlikely as the NBA star is focused on winning. Any help the team can get is a welcome addition for him.

LeBron is riding high on his popularity with many predicting a fifth MVP award for him this season.

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