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Macbook Pro 2016 Release Cancelled after iPhone 7 Explosion! Samsung Reportedly to be Behind the News

The Macbook Pro 2016 release this coming October 27 may be canceled after several reports of iPhone 7 explosion. For several weeks after its launching, reports from different parts of the world has already surfaced of iPhone 7,either overheating, exploding or bursting into flames. The reports also include defective also including iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus,

iPhone incident reports

In Australia, a surfing instructor will have to do without a phone – and a car – after his iPhone 7 burst into flames. In a report by 7 News, Mat Jones left his iPhone 7 inside his car underneath some of his clothing. He then returns after his surfing lesson and found the inside of his car engulfed in smoke. The phone was completely burned.

In China, a local media recently reports an explosion of the same iPhone model after a Chinese man used his smartphone to record a video. The explosion caused flying glass from the phone’s screen to hurt the man’s face.

Meanwhile, in California, an iPhone 6 Plus owner has to call the fire station after her smartphone burst into flames. In an interview with ABC 30, Yvette Estrada said that she put her phone on the dresser beside her bed.

The phone bursts into flames and created a small fire, damaging the dresser as well as a pair of glasses and two iPhone watch stands. His husband immediately threw the burning phone into the sink.

“What if this would have been underneath my pillow or if I was on the phone? My face would be burned,” Yvette told ABC 30.

These reports and a lot more have prompted Apple to start an investigation. The Apple teams in the locations where the incidents were reported to have already started their investigation. They will then submit the result to their Cupertino headquarters.

Samsung behind iPhone explosion news?

Because of these incidents, several comments online began to surface about Samsung being the culprit behind the iPhone explosion news. Netizens have expressed their opinions about both smartphone companies creating negative news about the other. Of course, all of these are just allegations from consumers and there is no proof to show otherwise.

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