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Killer Clowns Purge 2016: Kill Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin!

The Killer Clowns craze hasn’t died down yet and people are still seeing these scary beings on streets. With the rise of the trend comes questions about a possible Killer Clowns Purge night. And if there’s any truth to this, a lot are hoping they go after Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Yes, the Killer Clowns are taking the world by storm and for the oddest of reasons. The trend has started as a prank, with people dressed as clowns running after innocents on the streets. Then things have gone awry — criminals have started using costumes to do their dealings at night, beating up people and robbing bystanders. Others get themselves in trouble as well, with Killer Clown pranks gone wrong.

The trend has also started affecting the community, with children being scared to go to school in fear of seeing these clowns on streets. Real clowns’ jobs, on the other hand, have been tremendously affected by the pranks that they’re slowly losing their jobs.

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Pranksters have even created their own Facebook Pages to spread the fear across social media. One page called Clown Hunters revealed that a Killer Clowns Purge night will be happening on Halloween, and suggests everyone stay inside their homes. While the report has not been confirmed, many have already started planning Halloween celebrations in door in fear of the clowns.

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It seems Killer Clowns 2016 will continue for a few more weeks (let’s hope, not months) and with talks of Killer Clown Purge night nearing, some have used the idea to slam politicians in the government — specifically, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Killer Clown Purge Night should target Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin?

Donald Trump has been a top enemy for Democrats, people of color, and feminists (among others) living in the USA. After a barrage of tirades about how Latinos should be deported and how women are his sex objects, Mr Trump has been public enemy for most of America. With this in mind, some of the Trump opposers look on the Killer Clowns Purge night to put and end — or at least scare — the multi-billionaire into dropping out from the US Elections 2016.

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Interestingly, several social media folks pointed out that should there be a real Purge night, Donald and his clan would probably buying people to kill. Much like the movie series, The Purge. 

Aside from Trump, others are also looking at Russian president Vladimir Putin as another target. United State’s imminent opponent, Mr Putin has butte heads with President Barrack Obama on Syrian military issues. One the other hand, Putin’s distaste for the LGBT, hacking accusations against the Kremlin and finding growing favor from Trump has seen his popularity points take a dip.

US supporters are also hoping the Russian president will be another victim on the real Purge night.

However, amidst all the talks, the Killer Clowns Purge night still remains a tall tale.

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