Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Trailer Revealed! Jess, Dean & Logan Confirmed as Cast

Gilmore Girls fans, rejoice! The Netflix November 2016 event has officially released a trailer for the upcoming four-part series, Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life, and it’s epic!

Returning to Stars Hollow are the mother-daughter duo with their signature wit and mind-bending banter. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are returning to their quaint little town, and just like before, they’re faced with life and decisions to make.

Watch the Gilmore Girls Netflix trailer below!

The new Gilmore Girls trailer confirmed some returning cast members that fans wanted to see. Lorelai’s best friend-slash-boyfriend, Luke, is returning and so is his diner. In Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life, the buddies are now officially a couple, but it seems Lorelai is having second thoughts about her feelings for Luke.

On the trailer, Lorelai seems to have hit a crossroad.

“I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and where I was going, but lately, I don’t know. Things seem hazier,” she says.

The second generation Gilmore is reassuring herself of the status of her relationship with ole’ Luke. Could they be hitting a snag and breaking up?

A scene also showed what seems to be a wedding setup. It could very well be that Lorelai and Luke are getting married, which makes question her life decisions.

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Is Rory Pregnant?

For those wondering what Rory has been up to seven years after the last season, it seems the youngest Gilmore is all grown up. And she seems to be on a crossroad of her own.

There have been rumors that Rory is pregnant, and the trailer seems to hint that too. The start of the two-minute preview hints at the mom and daughter listening to a baby monitor. At one part, Luke also slammed Rory for eating mini donuts that are not healthy. Is he thinking about the babe in her womb?

While nothing has been confirmed about her pregnancy, the Gilmore Girls trailer did reveal that Rory’s ex bofriends — all three of them — will be returning to the show. Jess, Dean and Logan will all be appearing on the four-part special. If ever Rory is really pregnant, who could the dad be?

Fans will have to wait as Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life will hit Netflix on November 25.

Watch the new Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life trailer below:

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