Fifth Harmony 2016

Fifth Harmony 2016: Ally Brooke Slams X Factor! Watch Here

On the latest Fifth Harmony 2016 news: Ally Brooke confessed to radio show her disappointment towards X Factor.

Popcrush reported that Brooke made a guest appearance on the Live with Ryan Ries. In the radio show, she shared her life story up to her fame with the girl group Fifth Harmony. She also revealed how X Factor USA made a different person out of her during her auditions.

“What was crazy was my audition was actually edited, and I had a hard time with that. You know, TV, they want to edit however they want to edit it for drama or whatever. They edited me to look like somebody I was not. Somebody who was in it for the wrong reasons — it just didn’t look like me, the way they edited it. I did not know that. I was so new to the TV world.”

She proceeded with saying that she has shared a lot about herself during the auditions and the most important details about her were not included in the final video. “I talked about being a premie, I talked about my mom, and they didn’t use it. I was so upset. They portrayed it wrong. They portrayed the audition wrong, too.

Simon Cowell wasn’t annoyed. The judges weren’t annoyed. They didn’t roll their eyes. My family was backstage watching all the monitors. That didn’t happen.”
When you look at the end of the video below, you can see Simon Cowell rolling his eyes and making funny gestures. The audience also appears to be rolling their eyes, looking at each other and laughing.

“I didn’t stop singing because I felt the song so much. I felt the spirit so much. I just kept singing because they kept the music off…of course, Simon was like ‘Okay, Ally!’, but it was in a funny way…it wasn’t like they edited it.”

Fifth Harmony 2016: Full interview of Ally Brooke in Live with Ryan Ries show.

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