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Elon Musk AMA: No Net Worth, Amber Heard Questions

The Elon Musk AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Reddit users had no uncomfortable questions. The Tesla & SpaceX CEO did not face any queries about his wealth/net worth. He did not also have to answer questions related to his reported closeness to Amber Heard.

Instead, the Elon Musk AMA session had the SpaceX CEO answering questions about the ITS (Interplanetary Transportation System) according to Fortune. This is the crucial cog in the wheel behind Musk’s’ eventual plant to transport human beings to Mars. Musk answered 15 questions and talked of how SpaceX will test a prototype of the Mars booster’s fuel tank on the sea. This fuel tank is sized like a small building.

Musk also talked of reusing Mars launch equipment and how a trip could finally cost under $100, 000. He spoke of colonizing Mars and unscheduled trips that could be possible in the future. Mars surface habitats were described as geodesic domes created using glass panes at the Elon Musk AMA session. There would be mining droids digging pressurized caves for accommodating industrial operations according to him.

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Musk escaped a volley of personal questions

Elon Musk did escape quite a few personal queries at the AMA session. There were no questions relating to his reportedly amicable settlement in the divorce case with second wife Talulah Riley. Musk’s net worth has been estimated at approximately $11.5 billion as per sources.

When Musk filed in the year 2014, it was rumored that he’d pay $16 million to Riley. However, this number may have increased over the last couple of years according to TMZ. Musk also escaped queries about his frequent outings with Amber Heard. However, the two have not been seen together for quite some time now in spite of a volley of speculations relating to their relationship.

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