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Destiny 2 Release Date Pegged in 2017; Gameplay to be Set in Mars with New Guardians

It’s just been a month since the reveal of the myth about the Iron Lords, and Destiny fans are already waiting for Destiny 2. Rumors are starting to brew since the launch of Rise of Iron, and it appears Destiny 2 will be here sooner than we think.

It will be helpful to remember that Bungie did admit that a sequel will be in the works. This is further cemented with the arrival of various updates and DLCs. Fortunately, it seems Bungie will finally have the time to focus on Destiny 2.

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Destiny: The game so far

Players were introduced to Destiny way back three years ago. The open-world science fiction game takes place on a devastated Earth. With a new alien species seeking the domination of the planet, entities called Guardians rise from the ashes of old Earth.

Destiny received critical acclaim during its launch. It had unique gameplay mechanics and a progressive level-up system. It’s rather an aesthetic choice of both melee and ranged weaponry made it entertaining for customization junkies. Its class array of Hunters, Titans and Warlocks also gave new playstyles for players, such as Arc, Solar, and Void elements.

The arrival of the three DLCs such as The Dark Below, The Taken King, and Rise of Iron expanded the game’s mythos. This time, players are introduced to more of the game’s lore and tons of exotic weapons.

Given these, and the bosses players will face, are we ready for a sequel?

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Destiny 2: Beyond Destiny

Sadly, Bungie hasn’t released any details about Destiny 2 yet. However, this has not stopped players from making their own speculations.

A piece from Game Rant elaborates that a sequel can finally even out the field for newcomers and veterans to the series. However, this may imply that Destiny 2 will restart leveling from scratch, which may frustrate players. Fortunately, given that Rise of Iron will only be exclusive for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (the expansion isn’t available for legacy consoles, unlike the other Destiny DLCs), then this path is predictable.

However, rumors on a PC-exclusive Destiny 2 may even thin out the game’s players. It’s a totally different experience playing on a console and on a PC. Making Destiny 2 purely for the PC may mean players have to buy PCs of their own, which costs a lot.

Either way, minus the hardware, it also seems it’s about time for Destiny 2 to release new subclasses for the three main classes. This can further out the game’s dynamic and offer a good way to introduce new mechanics.

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As for the setting, it appears it might be on Mars. According to Kotaku, Bungie removed a segment of The Taken King that takes place on Mars. It might be about time to play the game in a different setting, and The Taken King seems to be the best way to bridge the two games.

A thread in the Destiny subreddit even claims the game will be named Destiny 2: Shattered Suns. This comes from a The Taken King storyline about a Warlock named Osiris. Ironically, the game has an in-game mode named Trials of Osiris.

Is this a coincidence? We’ll have to wait and see.

Destiny is available for the PlayStation 3 and 4, and the Xbox 360 and One.


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