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Dead By Daylight DLC: New Killer Revealed! Halloween DLC Adds Michael Myers as Villain

The latest Dead by Daylight DLC will give players the Halloween nostalgia – literally. Hollywood serial killer Michael Myers slashes his way into the survival-horror game this October 30.

Players who purchase the $6.99 DLC have two choices at this point. They can trudge their way into abandoned houses in the middle of Halloween to evade the unwitting gaze of the white mask. Or, if you’re that lucky player, revel in the jacketed glory of Michael Myers and find your unfortunate victims.

According to the trailer, the Dead by Daylight DLC takes place in Haddonfield. Players can explore the new map littered with objects such as cop cars and houses that can be used as hiding places – so far.

However, one of the many surprises of the DLC includes Laurie. The “final girl,” originally played by Jamie Lee Curtis in the 1978 Halloween film, will be a playable character.

The Dead by Daylight DLC even has the iconic soundtrack of the film! This is definitely a horrifyingly fun way to celebrate both Halloween (the franchise) and Halloween (the holiday).

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Dead by Daylight DLC: Myers in the House

Dead by Daylight is a cooperative survival horror game that takes place in a myriad of settings. Players are cast as survivors that have different skill-sets that level up through time. This means there are chances that some of your teammates have improved skills than you.

The game forces players to find ways to survive their environments, which is littered with traps and other horrifying aspects, before being caught by the killer. And, of course, that “killer” will be portrayed by another player.

Dead by Daylight was critically-acclaimed for its unique survival mechanics. Each “scenario” has a different boss with different skills. However, bosses are slower (and more powerful) than the players. They also have a limited line of sight. Players, on the other hand, are faster and agiler (but incredibly weaker). This, with the multitude of survival guides along the way, forces both sides at their wits’ end to prevail against the other.

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However, it is also known that much of the game’s “villains” are centered around certain “tropes” that make up their skills. Michael Myers, in this case, centers around his “obsession.” This “obsession,” which is a victim, will boost Myers’ attacks and speed. But if the “obsession” dies, the survivors will be debuffed.

Sadly, creators at Behaviour Interactive did not specify if the DLC will be available after Halloween. Either way, it seems players are in for a treat this Halloween. Ironically, this positions the game as a direct competitor to the upcoming Friday the 13th game, which stars yet another Hollywood slasher superstar Jason Voorhees.

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